Software & Hardware Supports

Taj General Trading provide the best hardware and software services to our customers and support their services in very unique ways. We offer solutions that are based on huge platforms and are supported by passionate process experience. As demanded by the customers our expertise lies in giving unique personalized solutions.

We provide different services which are listed below:

  • Network Solutions
  • Computer Hardware
  • Networking Hardware
  • Windows formatting Services 
  • Software Installation Services

Software Service

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Why Taj general trading


With such a wide range of PC Components at great prices, whether you’re adding a new lease of life to your existing PC or building an epic Gaming Rig from scratch, Taj General Trading have you covered.

Offering an extensive collection of PC parts ranging from the latest Intel and AMD CPUs, to graphics cards, motherboards, Hard Drives, SSDs, PSUs and much more, you’ll be sure to find anything and everything you need.

And with over 20,000 products in stock and ready to ship, you can make Taj General Trading your first stop for all things computing.

Our Hardware Products